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About Us



When a student is involved in active and useful experiences they feel competent & confident to solve real life problems. Math Ed Labs provide an opportunity to experience mathematics learning through the hands-on mode. Putting knowledge to practical uses presents an ideal avenue for the application of mathematics skills. The purpose for learning is evident with a coherent, integrated curriculum, freeing students to reason about complex problems, analyze multiple solutions, and communicate ideas and results.

Make Maths Fun


Hands On

Manipulatives not only allow students to construct their own cognitive models for abstract mathematical ideas and processes. In addition to the ability of manipulatives to aid directly in the cognitive process, manipulatives have the additional advantage of engaging students and increasing both interest in and enjoyment of mathematics.

Making Math Fun

The seemingly simple question of solving math has plagued countless generations of parents and children who have gone through our education system. What makes it worse is if a child has no interest in the subject. To encourage a child to learn math, we must help him or her to develop interest.

Innovative Tools

Innovative and effective practices make the learning process lively and let the participants share a new vision, which ultimately leads to the higher aims of education. The education system needs to move away from the conventional pedagogy of teaching mathematics especially at school level and to include methods of facilitating learning.



There is a need to build a force of thinkers and doers who can lead the society to its betterment. But in the present state of schooling we are not nurturing a learner to make him/her a thinker but a product of rote learning. As an organisation we aspire to develop a culture in the school which focuses on imparting quality education to students which in the first place is always the priority of the teacher and the school as well.

Change Maths